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Slapping game
RE: Slapping game
(May 29, 2012 at 3:46 am)Tiberius Wrote: There were a couple of "pain" games at my school. A couple of them revolved around doing as much damage to the other person's knuckles as possible. The two player variant went like this:

1) Players face each other.
2) Player 1 holds out fist so that knuckles are on top.
3) Player 2 does the same, but uses his knuckles to bash the other player's (i.e. swings them down).
4) If Player 1 tries to move his hand out of the way, he loses.
5) If Player 1 takes the pain, the players switch positions.

A multiplayer variant had you holding your knuckles down against a table, and then getting someone else to flick coins at them at high speeds.

Yes this happened alot at my school. Always seemed pretty pointless to me. People would walk away with bleeding knuckles as though it was something to be proud of, I just thought it was retarded. Especially with the coins.

All this reminds me of a video I saw a while ago:


Am I the only person that doesn't think this is 'awesome'?
RE: Slapping game
Another high school game was punching each other repeatedly in the arm until the other gives, and the punches are quite hard. There's no holding back.
Never got involved in such strange activities. Bit pathetic and pointless really.

Another game we played involved two large groups of guys on a gravel field loaded with stones and started throwing them high into the air towards the opposing group whilst dogging oncoming stones. I got involved in that one but not for very long. I'm amazed I never got hit but one guy did. Took a nasty blow to the head, blood went everywhere and after that everyone stopped playing.....permanently. Everyone went after the feller who threw the stone that caused the injury which wasn't fair seeing as we were all taking part in the activity and so we were all equally to blame.

Strange and stupid things you do in school huh? Big Grin
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - Carl Sagan

Mankind's intelligence walks hand in hand with it's stupidity.

Being an atheist says nothing about your overall intelligence, it just means you don't believe in god. Atheists can be as bright as any scientist and as stupid as any creationist.

You never really know just how stupid someone is, until you've argued with them.
RE: Slapping game
From Spamalot

RE: Slapping game
Apparantly theres vendors that give out dirty womens underwear in Japan too. Also, saw a Japanese game in a second hand shop once called "Rape Quest".
Three guesses what it was about. No offence but thats one screwed up set of values they've got over there.
"Vanity, is definitely my favorite sin." Al Pacino, Devils Advocate.

(July 5, 2012 at 12:47 pm)RaphielDrake Wrote: What? Its a legitimate question. You don't think its important? If you have some kind of information that makes your belief system stand out from the others I think everyone here needs to hear it.
(July 6, 2012 at 3:04 am)fr0d0 Wrote: BTW I've decided that I shouldn't try to out child children. Sorry kids Wink
Translation: Run away! :'(

(July 21, 2012 at 12:11 pm)RaphielDrake Wrote: "What is this accepted interpretation of the Bible passages that talks about Lots daughters getting him drunk specifically to get pregnant? What is the accepted interpretation of the priest and the concubine?"
Once again, answer the questions or retreat fr0d0.
(July 21, 2012 at 12:30 pm)fr0d0 Wrote: Hey Rap ;-)

I don't have an interpretation. Thank you for the complimentary Rabbi status though, I'm suitably flattered. I'll get back to you on your inability to use the internet later. Busy having a life here. I hope that you understand.
Translation: Run away again! :'(
RE: Slapping game
(May 30, 2012 at 6:27 pm)RaphielDrake Wrote: ...thats one screwed up set of values they've got over there.

That's punny.

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