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Herr Von Popenfuhrer Steps On His Own Dick
Herr Von Popenfuhrer Steps On His Own Dick

Quote:VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI fired a 52-year-old Slovak bishop for apparently mismanaging his diocese in a rare show of papal power over bishops that could have implications for U.S. sex abuse cases.

Which could have been a good thing except.....

Quote:The exercise of the pope's ability to fire a bishop has important implications, particularly concerning bishops who mishandle pedophile priests.

In the face of U.S. lawsuits seeking to hold the pope ultimately responsible for abusive priests, the Holy See has argued that bishops are largely masters of their dioceses and that the pope doesn't really control them. The Vatican has thus sought to limit its own liability, arguing that the pope doesn't exercise sufficient control over the bishops to be held responsible for their bungled response to priests who rape children.

The ability of the pope to actively fire bishops, and not just passively accept their resignations, would seem to undercut the Vatican's argument of a hands-off pope.

"If the pope can fire a bishop, that implies he's their supervisor," said Nick Cafardi, a U.S. canon lawyer and former chairman of the U.S. bishops' lay review board that monitored clerical abuse. "This will invite more lawsuits attempting to sue the pope in American courts."

But when it comes to money the church will act. Butt-fucked little boys? Not so much.
RE: Herr Von Popenfuhrer Steps On His Own Dick
It is proven this pope actually has a dick to step on or sexually abuse boys with?

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