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The 10 Hour Challenge!
RE: The 10 Hour Challenge!
So at the risk of beating a dead horse, I have been compiling a playlist. For a rough draft, I think it builds a strong argument. There's about 1hr 15min. left though. And I would like to know what videos you guys may have seen that present a good case against religion that I have not added to the list. There's obviously plenty to choose from, and my arrangement may not be as balanced or as strong as it could be.

What do you think about the playlist order? I have related-but-non-religious science videos tied in at the end, with a short snarky video to cap off the series, which might not be in the best taste for the cause. But I suspect if you make it that far (assuming you watch in order), you'd understand where it's coming from and wouldn't find it as offensive as if you watched it without that background. Then, there's a good-natured (and awesome!) video that might temper the Christians in any event. Who knows. But I'd like to know what you guys think again, or if this concept still seems like the spawn of satan to you. =P

RE: The 10 Hour Challenge!
RE: The 10 Hour Challenge!
Hmmm. That would reach the cap by itself, and I'm not sure how many minds it would change. I'll consider it. <.<
RE: The 10 Hour Challenge!
I have the lord of the rings extended edition pack on blue ray, in total it lasts for 14 hours.
And I have the star wars blue ray box, no clue how long it lasts

These are the only things I am willing to waste more than 10 hours on.
RE: The 10 Hour Challenge!
There's no gun to anybody's head to watch them. Mostly looking for more recommendations rather than list-order critique. I'd be surprised if there weren't any atheist youtube videos that people like in an atheistic community. And maybe it's not obvious, but I don't demand anyone to tell me that they're not interested in helping. It seems an unnecessary effort.

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