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WWE 13
WWE 13
I stopped watching wrestling a good while ago (mainly just grew out of it), however I saw this game at my local blockbusters and they were doing a closing down sale so decided to buy it for a knockdown price of eleven quid.

Anyway, anybody else here got it? I actually think it's a pretty awesome game, love that they have put a lot of attention into the 'attitude era', as that's the only era of wrestling I've ever really watched and enjoyed. Goldust ftw!

Also just started my universe mode after sorting out my rosters and shows and titles and rankings and everything else you can edit in this game.

I'm not sure whether this much customisation is breathtakingly amazing or dauntingly, time consumingly, pointless.
RE: WWE 13
I thought it was all fake?
My ignore list

"The lord doesn't work in mysterious ways, but in ways that are indistinguishable from his nonexistence."
-- George Yorgo Veenhuyzen quoted by John W. Loftus in The End of Christianity (p. 103).
RE: WWE 13
So is soap opera but people still watch it.

It's called world wrestling entertainment for a reason Wink
RE: WWE 13
Exactly, people want to believe in Darwin's theory of evolution but when it comes to the reality of the belief everyone is steps back... because no 1 wants to be the 1 to say we should let children die in the hospital or blacks in Africa to finally die off and lets us stronger species survive... but they shouldn't bother you because according to Darwin, morals don't exist outside of cultures. especially to evolutionists...
RE: WWE 13
Thanks for that!

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