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Greydon Square
Greydon Square
You might know him already. To those who don't know he is rapper, iraq war veteran, crown in compton and was involved in gangs before became atheist and went to study physics and computer science.
He's music deals a lot with religion and it's main subject in many/most of his songs. For example in this song he goes trough Pascal's wager, dating of earth and evolution a bit.

Here is first part of his presentation in case you want to hear better what he's about and how he became atheist:

And here is part where he performs few of his songs in public in downtown, Toronto to basically peoples who just walked by:

Anyways I thought that you might want to know that he have attended to some kind of contest and in case you want to support him in that you can give him one vote at everyday here:

Even if you don't like rap I hope you would support him for his message, because to us who like rap... This is way where it's otherwise going nowdays(promo video for J.Cole's new album...):

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