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When complaining about other users who have broken the rules
When complaining about other users who have broken the rules
This forum has been growing lately and as a result we need to make it clear the best course of action to take when you feel another user has broken the rules.

It is not appropriate to make a public thread to complain about another a user. We've let this slide in the past, but honestly it really isn't the best way to deal with issues like this.

If you feel a user has violated the rules, the best thing to do is to report the post in which they have done so. Doing so brings the matter to the attention of the moderators/admins almost immediately and action, if deemed necessary, is taken soon after.

Another method of dealing with complaints is to PM a moderator/admin. While it is still private and acceptable, the report system is better since it makes every moderator/admin aware and permits quicker response time if the person you PM is not online.

In either case, it's important that these matters be dealt with privately and no longer in public threads. If you create a public thread complaining about another member, it will be removed.

We all hope you understand this new restriction and comply for the benefit of everyone.

And thank you all, you continue to make this forum an enjoyable place to hang out online. Big Grin
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