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Ali G translator.
Ali G translator.
This Ali G translator is rather stupid but it can be quite fun lol: http://www.mackers.com/alig/

I think it's actually LESS funny if you write FUNNY things then translate them...I think it's more funny if you write serious, intelligent or even scientific things and then convert them into stupid, slang, bad language lol.

For example what I've just wrote translates like this via the Ali G translator:

dis ali g translata is ratha bit thick but it can be quite wicked lol: http://www.mackers.com/alig/ i think it's actually less wicked if yous write wicked fings thun translate them...i think it's more wicked if yous write serious, brainiest or evun scientific fings and thun convert them into bit thick, slang, wicked lingo lol. fa example wot i've just wrote translates dig dis via da ali g translata:

oh i've already translated it once.

And my sig translates like this: wus important is da improbable; coz if yous think da possibility of da improbable is important; yous can learn dat there is quillions of udda possibitilies wiv equal merit dat is equally improbable. so why botha? yous is betta off believin in da probable - it's probably closa to da truf.

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