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Aliens came to Earth one day
And quickly turned around.
One yelled, "Hurry up, God damnit!
Get this Mother Fucker off the ground!
Who knew they were such a primitive
And superstitious lot?
I mean, Holy Shit, just look at them!
They still believe in God!"

RE: Poems
Awesome opening poem.

The Rest of My Life
by a T.B. Mitchell:

'"Forward and back,"
Said the old man in the dance
As he whittled away at his stick,
Long gone, long gone
Without a glance
To the entrance made of brick.'

by Richard Maddox:


Hugh's Poem:

'Underneath the bellied skies
Where dust and rain find space to fall
To fall and lie and change again
Without a care or mind at all
For art and life and things above
In that there look just there
No right left up down past or future
We have but ourselves to fear.'

Another fry and laurie poem:

Totally awesome George Carlin Poem:

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