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Current time: May 26, 2022, 2:41 pm

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Why is there a word called unchancy which means pretty much the same thing as chancy instead of meaning the opposite?

And why can't I find in a dictionary the word 'unchance'...if the word doesn't exist I think it should because It basically means the exact opposite of chance. I like the idea. Well if there is no such word I'm gonna start using it anywaysTongue

It could be useful. For example, when creationists say that evolution is about chance, you can tell them that its the exact opposite of chance, its unchance (which of course is true). Futhermore you can tell them that the idea of God existing right at the beginning WOULD be chance, HUGE chance because of how incredibly complex he'd be. Considerably more complex and improbable than the huge improbability of the stars and planets just popping up WITHOUT God. Because for God to be there before he created the first thing would be more complex and improbable than just the first thing being there in the first place, without him. Because for a supernatural God to create the first thing he'd have to be considerably more complex than the first thing he created.

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