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New to this
RE: New to this
Unless you live in a country town, I've had no issues with religious people here in Oz.
Having said that, this site has turned me even further off religion. I've become even more intolerant of the so called theological zombies.
Eg: went to the niece's christening a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning.
As part of the Catholic christening, the minister said casually as he was touching the little one's face with oil, "may she die in sin"!

I smiled to myself and thought do I walk out or punch this idiot in the head!
I blame all you guys for my new found healthy intolerance! Hehe
No God, No fear.
Know God, Know fear.
RE: New to this
Some of theological zombies need a blow to the cranium, might help some of them think more coherently.

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