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theist antics
RE: theist antics
(February 18, 2010 at 12:01 pm)Pippy Wrote: But the lulz not only disregards any consequence for the other party involved, but also puts a priority on creating cheap laughs, as if that is a valuable use of your time. To get laughs at other's expense, although in this case the Christian TV people are kinda asking for it... But this not only demonstrates a contempt for or misunderstanding of the fact that there are other people on this planet with you (if you were a 4chan lulzer). And on the other side it diminishes the role of the troller because his or her most productive or useful act is to generate one sided slap stick comedy at others expense for a throaty giggle or two. We as humans can choose to have much better things to do with our time than prank call TV shows, and especially to admire the prank calling of TV shows... Or we can not, either way...

I just think the 'we do it for the lulz is about as mature as picking your nose and eating it, and about as productive too.


Some people need to get thicker skin. It's human nature to get offended. Laugh that shit off.

This stuff is absolutely insane, anyone who doesn't at least find some humor in it is probably too busy smelling their own farts to make sure they still smell like garden fresh tulips.
RE: theist antics
I think laughter is therapy. While it's also obvious they spend way too much time doing it. I'd much rather see everyone who'd like to, prank one christian once, rather than form a group that's sole purpose is to mock others.
"There ought to be a term that would designate those who actually follow the teachings of Jesus, since the word 'Christian' has been largely divorced from those teachings, and so polluted by fundamentalists that it has come to connote their polar opposite: intolerance, vindictive hatred, and bigotry." -- Philip Stater, Huffington Post

always working on cleaning my windows- me regarding Johari
RE: theist antics
.... form a group that's sole purpose is to mock others.

Where do I sign up?
I used to tell a lot of religious jokes. Not any more, I'm a registered sects offender.
...the least christian thing a person can do is to become a christian. ~Chuck
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