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Australian TV commercials - 1990
Australian TV commercials - 1990
When I was 6 I recorded the Wizard of Oz to VHS. On that tape were these commercials:

Sugar: A natural part of life:


St George and their low-interest home loans:


Coca Cola: You can't beat the feeling:

For Religion & Health see:[/b][/size] Williams & Sternthal. (2007). Spirituality, religion and health: Evidence and research directions. Med. J. Aust., 186(10), S47-S50. -LINK

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"That's disgusting. There were clean athletes out there that have had their whole careers ruined by people like Lance Armstrong who just bended thoughts to fit their circumstances. He didn't look up cheating because he wanted to stop, he wanted to justify what he was doing and to keep that continuing on." - Nicole Cooke
RE: Australian TV commercials - 1990
It's funny how our interests change over the years. I'm sure the wizard of Oz was the reason you recorded the video, but it's now the commericals that prompted you to post to youtube. Where as in 1990 (my second year of high school) if you could have watched tWoO with out the commericals I'm sure you would have.

I find myself watching old 80's commericals myself from time to time.

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