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Current time: June 6, 2020, 3:23 pm

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Everything around you is fragile
YOU are fragile.
A ten thousand year old stone
Still easily crumbles
Like a Victorian vase
Falling over
With the old man
Who feels the weight of gravity
His final breathe.
Lucretius understood what he was
As he saw being
like a wave
that vanishes in a sea of transience.
The fragility of life is felt
In all
Each thought, each moment, each lover, each spouse,
Each child, each meal
What's real continually becomes unreal,
Though the change deceives.
The bits exist in some mysterious manner, some
Identified as gods,
Others seen as simply
Representations of
Atoms begotten by fields
Begetting clay,
Begetting Women,
From every different composite
Nature's brilliance conceives
Her divine seeds of life
And its 'endless forms most beautiful,' as I believe one of her favoured poets
have spoken.
Minds are like miracles in the sense
Of winning the lottery or
Discovering a mastermind.
These are also fragile
Beliefs change, swinging like a pendulum
The generations forge their own identities,
Then we grow old and weep
As the losses follow each other
With increasing frequency
But diminishing effect
As we grow numb
Turning into a cold corpse.
Like the Sun.
Yet changing,
Etched in time, a name.
Still etching.
He who loves God cannot endeavour that God should love him in return - Baruch Spinoza

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