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Need help with LDS efforts to whitewash Wikipedia
Need help with LDS efforts to whitewash Wikipedia
Ok, I've been following wikipedia for some time now, mainly editing and watchdogging LDS articles. Recently, I've noticed an increase in the amount of efforts to edit these mormon articles and in some cases literally whitewash articles. It's become too much for me to keep track of, and I found some interesting explanations.

I've seen an increase in the number of LDS users editing pages and I've accidentally stumbled on these two wiki projects.



"We ask that members make at least one contribution to a LDS-related article per month—helping with the Collaboration of the Month..." -(first link)
From these two pages alone you can see at least 100 users on these two projects.

They're actually being pretty successful and they have a good amount of users editing articles.
"Golden plates - Today's featured article for February 8, 2008. Article was unfeatured due to debates on tone and authenticity of plates." -(first link)

The few of us that are working to maintain the neutrality of LDS based articles are becoming overwhelmed.

If you know anything about the mormon church or would just like to watch articles for bias, we need your help.

You can help by:
Going to wikipedia,
making a user account
when you come to an LDS article you would like to watch, click the star or watch button, then periodically check your watch list.

If you have any familiarity with this church or it's members, you know how much money, time and effort we are up against.

Please help...and please spread the word...

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