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World's smallest transistor
World's smallest transistor
ABC* News noon today, Tuesday May 25.

I do not claim to understand the science, I'm simply reporting:

Australian scientists have built a transistor using 7 phosphorus atoms.

The scientist interviewed said the aim is to put computers into the quantum world,replacing classical computers within 5 to 10 years .

WHY? It was claimed this technology will increase computer speed exponentially,which would result in doing computations currently impossible with classical computers.


*Australian Broadcasting Commission, public broadcasting,
RE: World's smallest transistor
WOW.. fascinating stuff, I want a nanocomputer Big Grin
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RE: World's smallest transistor
Well, as a basic transistor has only 3 parts (speaking of a traditional bipolar model either NPN or PNP) then theoretically it should be possible to build one using only 3 atoms.

Still, sounds cool that they have got it down to 7.
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