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tell people about us?
tell people about us?
I might be attending a atheists meet up group in Houston , and if its cool with everyone id like
to share this website with people i meet and i believe everyone should do the same
with atheists are free thinkers r w,e we should all be on this site i think ha
just a thought.

i just think it be cool if our community was really huge ha.
"All my life i have wonder about "Everything" and now i see i am not alone."
"Some people will live there life open minded and think what they want to think and some people will close there eyes and silence there thoughts & follow a path that everyone else follows. You will never see me on that path." - Arthur Gutierrez

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RE: tell people about us?
Of course, share away!
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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