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New(ish) Podcast
New(ish) Podcast
A few months ago, I started a podcast with a few friends and we have now reached episode 8. One thing we want to do is continue the discussion outside of the video and start as much conversation as we can. 

Here's the video:

Here's the topics we spoke about:
1:00 Responding to a comment - The afterlife & islamophobia
11:40 John Lewis & Christmas adverts
15:00 Shit people say on the internet
19:02 Atheism & free will
26:36 'Skeptics Annotated Bible' App
30:45 'Idols and preachers of Atheism' 
47:35 ISIS & other Muslims attitudes towards them
1:01:40 Comparison between incest and homosexuality 
Audio syncing issues from here:
1:05:41 'Religion is evolving'
RE: New(ish) Podcast
RE: New(ish) Podcast
A little constructive criticism... I ran it into the living-room stereo and listen to around half of it. Seems choppy, it is hard to nail down, maybe the unfamiliar accent. It reminded me of a ole roommate who talked really fast and I found it hard to follow. As if silence and then hurried interjection, maybe a bit more preparation. In one particular section your reading a question or statement and you pause to correct a word or something and silence then back to the sentence and it is hard to grasp or get one's head around because it didn't flow through steadily.
BTW, it was the Babylonians who started the Sabbath and was called the day to rest the heart and probably because they came up with the Base 60 system. 7 days X 52 weeks = 364 days in year
[Image: userfield_edit.gif] https://sites.google.com/site/fromthedeepoceanabove/  ..."when you look up in the sky you can see the stars and still not see the light"... 

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