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What OS are you using?
RE: What OS are you using?
I'm running Windows 10 on both my desktop and Surface Pro 3, but given what's going on politically with tech (Feds vs. Apple, other law enforcement vs. WhatsApp, the NSA opening their databases of warrantlessly obtained communications of US citizens to the Feds and even local law enforcement agencies), I'm looking to dual/multiple boot both.

I have been using Mint for work, but how they got hacked and how they handle OS security (they just blacklist updates that may cause instability, which is idiotic) pissed me off, so I'm also looking for another stable dev environment.

So, I'm testing out candidates on VirtualBox. I'll likely go Xubuntu or Kubuntu for my work environment (LTS to more or less lock it in), and I've been really impressed with Manjaro for daily use (think a Mint version of Arch, except with much better documentation and a group that actually works with Arch and upstream repos on security and stability issues). Just need to figure out which desktop environment I want, but I like the rolling release aspect for a daily driver.
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RE: What OS are you using?
I'm with Windows 7 and will always be. I have the hardware resources to run Windows 10 or the latest Ubuntu but neither of both performed well. Windows 10 was stuttering and thinking way too much as if I've run it on a Pentium I machine, not on a quad core system with 8GB RAM and 2GB video card. All Linuxes after Ubuntu 10.10 run like Windows 10 and some won't even start the live environment. But even if they did, I would still prefer Windows cuz it's more receptive to drivers, while Linux accepts drivers only until you reboot the system. After the reboot all drivers are gone as if they never existed.
Windows 8.1 is not bad but it has some kernel issues which I suspect will never be fixed. Works a few days then suddenly the scheme starts changing on its own. I reported that to MS but they replied they didn't provide support for fake keys and I told them I'll never pay €750 for 3.6GB. GTA V fits on several DVDs and it's 15 times cheaper than that, FFS!
So I'm with Windows 7 since 2007 (updated 2015) and I love it. It's the least resource demanding operating system and works the way Windows 8 and 10 should work but they don't.
But my favorite feature is how Windows 7 manages the usage of RAM - like no other! Whatever amount of RAM is taken, the moment you close the process taking it, that taken amount of RAM is immediately released as if it was never taken. That's a feature no other Windows OS has (with other Windows OS you have to reboot the system for the taken RAM to be released) and it's one of the things that makes Windows 7 so awesome.
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RE: What OS are you using?
I'm running glorious Arch, with BlackArch installed on top of it. Xfce is DE of my choice.
And I try not to use any proprietary software (only proprietary software I have is Steam).
RE: What OS are you using?
Very nice!
RE: What OS are you using?
Windows only. PC: Windows 7; phone: Windows 8.1.
Linux and Android suck.
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RE: What OS are you using?
My Macbook is now my main personal machine. Its running El'Kabong or whatever the fuck Apple is calling their OS now. Runs great, no complaints. I have a music creation machine downstairs and I've got Windows 10 running on that. Runs great, no complaints. At work they've got Windows 7 running on my laptop. Runs great, no complaints.

Oh and out in my pole barn I've got an old XP tower that's running Ubuntu. Don't know what version it is but I know support for it ran out sometime in 2014 because it tells me so every time I boot it. Chrome is about the only thing I run on that machine. Its damn handy being able to load a youtube how-to clip while I've got the broken item in question sitting right in front of me. For the most part, that machine does what I want it to do, but its dog slow and needs a 16x9 monitor. I've got a shit ton of old dead computer hardware and monitors laying around that I need to get rid of. Once I do that, I'll look into building or buying some kind of bookshelf box for the pole barn that I can put an up to date version of Ubuntu on.
RE: What OS are you using?
Win 10. Upgraded six or seven months ago, disabled the snooping and don't look back. Probably the most stable OS since XP.
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RE: What OS are you using?
OS X Yosemite. What else?
RE: What OS are you using?
Windows 7 on the PC, Android on the tablet. I know what you mean about having hardware lying around. I threw out 5-6 PCs this spring.
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RE: What OS are you using?
(August 22, 2016 at 7:06 pm)abaris Wrote: Win 10. Upgraded six or seven months ago, disabled the snooping and don't look back. Probably the most stable OS since XP.

Windows 7...

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