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Ted Haggard Claims he was "Over-repented"
Ted Haggard Claims he was "Over-repented"

So you make it your life mission to discriminate against gays, it comes out you're gay and you over-repented for your hypocrisy.

Maybe you did. Maybe you should apologize not for the hypocrisy and how you let down your parish, but how about for bashing gays and discriminating against them in the first place. But that's just wishful thinking.
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RE: Ted Haggard Claims he was "Over-repented"
Wishful thinking indeed.
Eeyore Wrote:Thanks for noticing.
RE: Ted Haggard Claims he was "Over-repented"
Well as he doesn't see "bashing" gays as something bad (and indeed, likely thinks he has done a good thing)... I should think it silly for him to apologize for such Tongue
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RE: Ted Haggard Claims he was "Over-repented"

Is that what they call it now? I thought it was "butt-fucked." I have got to keep up with the times.
RE: Ted Haggard Claims he was "Over-repented"
Blame his beliefs and his indoctrination for his being a gay bashing ass hole and him taking those beliefs to the extreme. He is just reaping now what he has sown. When I was in the ministry although I believed that being gay was a sin I never bashed nor discredited anyone from the gay community. In fact, my youngest sister came out and told me she was gay and I handled it well. I told her it was her life and who she went to bed with was her choice and her business. When ministering to a gay person one on one when asked if it was a sin I would reply yes and show them some biblical references but I did it in a respectful manner. After our conversation they would part friends and thank me for being so understanding.
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