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Birthday planning...
Birthday planning...
The more observant of you will have noticed the countdown on the main page, counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to Atheist Forums' 2nd birthday. Yes, just less than 2 years ago, a bunch of betrayed forum goers left the old site (http://atheistforum.com) to the numerous spambots, and formed atheistforums.org.

This year, we've extended the forum in multiple directions, so it is only right that we celebrate this birthday in a far more structured way. Eilonnwy and I are planning on releasing the pilot episode of the "Skeptitude" podcast in time for the day, and of course, we'll all probably be in the chatroom messing around with DarwinBot.

However, any other ideas are of course, most welcome. So plan away; what would you like to see to commemorate 2 years of atheistforums.org?
RE: Birthday planning...
Another two years ( at least) it's really a great forum.
RE: Birthday planning...
There is of course doing a multiple webcam chat on tinychat.
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RE: Birthday planning...
I'd like to see you buy us all pizza, and mail me the biggest slice Smile

Cake is good too ^_^
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