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Catholicism to atheism
RE: Catholicism to atheism
Thanks everyone.

Another thing I forgot to mention, from my observations, is that even the people who do go to church or synagogue regularly primarily do so out of habit, cultural affinity and entertainment. I grew up in an upper middle class area so I saw this behavior both with the Catholic churches I went to and my Jewish friends for whom it was entirely cultural. Why pay a lot of money for a country club when you can have an excuse to mingle with like-minded people once a week for far cheaper.

I don't really put these people in the same category as "believers"; I think in wealthier areas especially the true believer quotient is very, very low.
RE: Catholicism to atheism

Ex catholic here too. I went through the erosion of belief, there was no silver bullet in my case. Tried to find truth in other religions too, briefly.

I eventually got to the point that following a precise methodology to understand us and our universe is better than a mash of old stories. I get why ancient people believe it then. I don't get why they do so now, but religion is but an aspect of other people.
RE: Catholicism to atheism
I've been to a few catholic weddings, funerals and services in my life, and despite some churching courtesy of the methodists, never had an inkling of what the hell was going on at any catholic do I've been to.

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