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Either texting and driving or drunk driving........
Either texting and driving or drunk driving........
Ok, so at the halftime of the Packers/Cowboys  game, just now,  I walk up to the gas station to buy some more beer. About 2/3s of the way there on the next street over in my neighborhood I hear sirens but cant see what is going on. Upon finally getting to have to cross between houses to get to the main street to cross to to get to the gas station. Upon getting to the main street, I look across to the entrance of the strip mall/gas station complex right at the traffic light, and see a pick up UPSIDE DOWN in the ditch. All 4 wheels facing skywards.

Of course someone wrecked it, but ended up talking to someone exiting the parking lot who saw it happen, the guy had to be most likely drunk beause they said he got out of the vehicle and ran. They said the cops caught him hiding in the woods. 

Your only choices were he took his eyes off the road texting, or was drunk off his ass.

The funny thing was after I bought my beer, and went to the Chinese place for dumplings, took about 10-15 mins, the flat bed driver shows up to pull the pickup out of the ditch, walking back I see him get out of the truck and I could tell he was thinking, "This is going to take a while, Almost thinking, "why does this shit always have to be a pain in the ass."

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