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From the archives: 1982
From the archives: 1982
For our younger members here, found an article on something that happened in the early 80s. As I recall, the diocese fairly rapidly backtracked on this issue and did the right thing.

As for me, GASP!, didn't realize this event was 35 years ago. I recall it being on the evening news casts and it drew considerable negative attention at the time. hence the rapid reversal of the decision.


From the article:

Published: July 5, 1982

PHOENIX, July 4— The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix has refused to marry a couple because the man, a quadriplegic, is unable to consummate the union, the church says.
Jose Sosa, 28 years old, and his fiancee, Barbara Albillar, 23, both of Mesa, are Roman Catholics who want a church wedding. Mr. Sosa said the decision of the diocese was a shock to both of them.
Mr. Sosa injured his spine in a diving accident four years ago. He retains some use of his arms and hands, but is paralyzed from the chest down.
He and Miss Albillar plan to be married in October in a civil ceremony if they are denied a church wedding. ''Basically the church law is that in order for the Roman Catholic Church to recognize a sacramental marriage, it must be consummated,'' the Rev. John D. Spaulding, chancellor of the diocese, explained.

(more at the link)
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RE: From the archives: 1982
Doesn't surprise me at all.

2 years before I hatched.
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