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Member Awards 2017!
Member Awards 2017!
As many of you know, it is time to vote in the Atheist Forums Member Awards!

The categories are:

Best Member
Best Poster
Best Debater
Best Theist
Best Newcomer
Most Controversial
Sexiest Member
Funniest Member
Most Opinionated
Weirdest Member

Every member of the forum can vote once, votes for yourself are not allowed, and votes for banned members will be ignored. In addition, only votes for theist members will count in the "Best Theist" category, and only votes for members who registered in 2017 will count in the new "Best Newcomer" category.

Voting will end in 2 weeks time, with the results announced sometime after that. For a better description of what each category means, and to vote for your favorite members, please go to the voting page: https://atheistforums.org/awards.php

As always, votes are anonymous, and requests to change votes will be ignored unless a bug is responsible for them, so double check your votes before submitting the form! If you do not vote in a category (which is fine) you will get an error message, however if you resubmit the form again your votes will go through. Please let me know if there are any bugs when you cast your votes.

Good luck!

FYI, here is a list of all users who registered in 2017 who have more than 100 posts, if that is helpful for deciding "Best Newcomer":

RE: Member Awards 2017!
Congrats on Best Theist, CL!
[Image: nL4L1haz_Qo04rZMFtdpyd1OZgZf9NSnR9-7hAWT...dc2a24480e]
RE: Member Awards 2017!
Voted! Heart
"Hipster is what happens when young hot people do what old ladies do." -Exian
RE: Member Awards 2017!
Uh, you have a few banned mambers in that list....

Also, I note "most tentacled" once again fails to make the list.
RE: Member Awards 2017!
Woof, bark, arf, arf, arf!

This will be ruff.
I don't have an anger problem, I have an idiot problem

RE: Member Awards 2017!
I always thought "Best Member" was somewhat kinky.
RE: Member Awards 2017!
(January 5, 2018 at 1:32 pm)J a c k Wrote: Voted! Heart

Me too!
At the age of five, Skagra decided emphatically that God did not exist.  This revelation tends to make most people in the universe who have it react in one of two ways - with relief or with despair.  Only Skagra responded to it by thinking, 'Wait a second.  That means there's a situation vacant.'
RE: Member Awards 2017!
For me, banned status doesn't mean much as far as this vote. Popular people have been banned before. JMHO.
"For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." - Carl Sagan
RE: Member Awards 2017!
(January 5, 2018 at 1:41 pm)Minimalist Wrote: I always thought "Best Member" was somewhat kinky.

My vote it is interchangeable. Tongue

Might I suggest more categories next year? We have so many members now.
RE: Member Awards 2017!
My votes are in and as always, I wish there were more categories. I really wanted to vote Joods for best member but with how Clueless has been facing life's challenges I had to go that way. Every one of my votes could as easily been for another member except the weirdo award. I suggest we just perms-give it to Rik.

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