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RE: Flaws
I’m stubborn, and a perfectionist/micromanager.
RE: Flaws
(14th January 2018, 11:11)Fireball Wrote:
(14th January 2018, 10:17)Thena323 Wrote: Hey, wait...No one's posted about their dick being too big, yet?

I recall noting in other threads that it's practically an epidemic here. Rolleyes

I liked to let women find out the hard way, back when I was single. Tongue

The hard way

We are a collection of ideals, hopes and dreams harnessed by flesh and blood and bone.
RE: Flaws
(14th January 2018, 09:01)Longhorn Wrote:
(13th January 2018, 23:42)J a c k Wrote: I let things build up, not saying anything, but then boom! One day I have had enough and I become the devil.

I might be too friendly with alcohol. She seems to always be around.

I hate folding laundry.

you forgot to add you are also criminally attractive  Angry

Psssssh that’s fucken sweet, in its own angry face way  Smile

I did forget another one! When someone gives me a compliment, it usually goes something like this:
Me: (walks in all cool, king of the world)
Person: Damn, Ivy, you look great today!
Me: (locks eyes with a carrot on the table) Look! A carrot! Shit. Did I tell you about death? We’re all dying. Trump’s face is a butt. Carrot! My elbow hurts. Wanna touch it? Are elbows sexual? Carrot! (Nose gets runny, suddenly needs to pee)

"Hipster is what happens when young hot people do what old ladies do." -Exian
RE: Flaws
I'm even more stubborn than KevinM1 and I can't even micromanage right.

I am also an incredibly awesome person and entirely modest.

I know this is the flaws thread and not the "why Hammy is utterly brilliant" thread, but I just thought I'd throw that in there.

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