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Our role(s) as Christians on Atheist Forums
RE: Our role(s) as Christians on Atheist Forums
(June 8, 2018 at 12:28 am)Godscreated Wrote:
(June 1, 2018 at 12:20 am)vulcanlogician Wrote: Alright, all questions have been covered. Now all that remains is for each of the participants to make their final remarks.

No time limit really, but try to have something in by Monday. It was a pleasure moderating this debate for you guys.  Smile

 Because Huggy wasn't around when this thing started I think we should give him a chance to answer any of the questions posed if he so wishes, too.

I've sent him a PM. If he wants to, Tibs or somebody can give him the permissions to post here.
RE: Our role(s) as Christians on Atheist Forums
In closing I would like to first thank, Vulcanlogic, for agreeing to moderate this discussion and also to commend him for having done so with diligence and grace. I would also like to thank my fellow participants, all of whom gave thoughtful, sincere, and well-worded contributions.

We would be well to remember that the origin of this debate thread was in response to calls for civil, temperate debate without vulgarity or insult. It also felt very liberating to be able to freely quote Holy Scripture. If nothing else, this thread has demonstrated that the Christian members of this forum are at least capable of doing so despite significant doctrinal differences and despite often failing to do so elsewhere (looking in mirror). This thread can remain as an example to all and a reminder for us Christians that we can all do better.

As for me personally, this discussion has helped me to clarify my own thoughts. But participation has come at a steep price. I have lost more than one friend…people who felt that my desire promote and protect the Gospel of Jesus Christ reduced them to mere targets of proselytizing. If anything that was a costly lesson about how nonbeliever’s feelings of being judged can easily overshadow our goodwill and brotherly concern for them. I dearly love the Lord, desire that all may know the His Grace, and want to serve Him with whatever gifts I may have but it seems I have become a stumbling block for too many.

While this is not a goodbye, I have truly enjoyed knowing all of you and look forward to meeting you in the New Jerusalem to enjoy the Life Eternal.
<insert profound quote here>
RE: Our role(s) as Christians on Atheist Forums
Well said Neo, I agree that this should always be a reminder of who we are and what we really believe, I also look forward to seeing all my bothers and sisters who are here in the Eternal Paradise.

God loves those who believe and those who do not and the same goes for me, you have no choice in this matter. That puts the matter of total free will to rest.

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