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Current time: January 27, 2021, 12:51 pm

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Cartoon ditch diggers....
Cartoon ditch diggers....
Ok, so I went 190 miles inland, not because of the hurricane(*cough*),,,, But needed a break from running from a possible cat 4 which petered out. Yes, I went 190 miles inland just to watch my Redskins lose to the Colts.

Anywho, went to a local sports bar, and the lady bartender initially had a problem finding the channel my game was on. Finally she did, but another co worker was trying to find another game for another patron at the other end of the bar on another tv. It was funny as hell, every time he'd try to change the channel on that tv the one I was watching changed. 

It was like watching those old cartoons where one guy would dig dirt and shovel it into the other ditch while that guy shoveled their dirt into the other's ditch.

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