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Khabib vs Connor
RE: Khabib vs Connor
(October 7, 2018 at 10:33 am)popeyespappy Wrote:
(October 7, 2018 at 3:31 am)paulpablo Wrote: Anyone got anything to say about it?

I watched the fight, and I think Dana White wanted his big draw McGregor to win. I also think Herb Dean was probably a co-conspirator in trying to make that happen. McGregor cheated multiple times in multiple ways during the fight, and Dean did almost nothing. illegal knee to the head, hooking Khabib's glove, grabbing the fence. Dean called him one time for toes in the fence...

As far as what the UFC should do goes, what did they do to McGregor after the New York incident? Khabib certainly shouldn't get any punishment worse than what McGregor got for that. Less would be appropriate because Khabib's actions were heat of the moment. McGregor's actions in New York were preplanned.

As for legal ramifications once again what happened to McGregor after his incident? Does what Khabib did deserve worse? I obviously don't think so. If charges are filed against Khabib he should probably use fighting words as a defense. Whoever it was that came over the fence and assaulted McGregor should probably face some consequences, but pulling Khabib's title or green card for going after someone standing there insulting his mother (or whatever was being said) would be a bit extreme.

Not only that, the dude literally waved khabib towards him with his hands. Like "come at me"

Khabib should still have some self control, but the guy he attacked was a professional fighter taunting for a fight, telling khabib to come at him. He basically consented to being punched in the face and nobody was seriously hurt.
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