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9/11 a "day of destiny" for Germany in the 20th century
9/11 a "day of destiny" for Germany in the 20th century
There seems to be missing a "history" section of the forum if i am not mistaken.

So here we go. November 11th seemed to be a  crossroads for Germany, not once or twice, but three times in the past century. Of ocurse its pure coincidence........unless you believe otherwise. Wink

November 9th, 1918, 100th anniversary today
Social democrat MP Philip Scheidemann proclaims the first german republic (pissing off Karl Liebknecht who wanted a socialist republic being proclaimed, and did so later....and got his participation trophy).

Actual footage of the proclamation
[Image: Ausrufung_Republik_Scheidemann.jpg]

An audio spoken by him in 1920, differing slightly from his original words.

November 9th, 1938, 80th anniversary today. A day which will live in infamy.....
The "Reichskristallnacht" or as it was called (due to PC Dodgy ) "Reichspogromnacht", marked the beginning of the official persecution of jews in Germany, ending with attempted genocide.

November 9th, 1989, 29th anniversary today
On a press conference Günther Schabowski announces that eastern Germans can travel across the Berlin wall now, without having further paperwork being done in advance. Out of ignorance (and lack of information) he calimed that the new law is in effect immediately, triggering thousands of Germans to cross the border. This event marked the fall of the Berlin wall and the eastern German state. Out of political correctness (once again Dodgy ) this date was not chosen for "reunification day" but October 3rd, which markes the official date of reunification (eastern Germany joining the western part).

Cetero censeo religionem delendam esse

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