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Rob's PbP recruitment thread
Rob's PbP recruitment thread
The play-by-post D&D game I've been running is down to three players, and I'm looking for a fourth. I started the game at TTA and moved it here when the site got taken down. Here are the system/rules I have in the first post of the main thread:

Base rules

3.5 edition D&D. Many of the rules can be found on the SRD for free. I'll run in a fairly generic setting of my own. For simplicity, I'll use the standard (Greyhawk) deities found in the PHB (with the extras in Complete Divine).

All 3.5 books are open for use, but just run anything by me, as while I have a lot, I don't have all the books. I'm also fine with any 3.0 prestige classes that don't exist in 3.5, and I'm fine with any 3.0 versions that were reprinted in 3.5 (we might have to update some rules, to match), but again, run it by me. You can ask any questions in this thread or PM.

For starting characters:
  • 32 pt Point-buy for stats. If you're confused how it works, I can explain it, better. Note that you buy your points before applying racial modifiers.
  • Max HP at level 1 (this is the way it normally works, but I'm clarifying).
  • Max starting gold for your class at level 1. I can tell you what that number is, if you don't know.
  • Flaws (up to two) and traits are allowed. They're in Unearthed Arcana and can also be found on the SRD here and here.

House rules

I want to keep this list small, so it's pretty much just base 3.5.
  • Instead of the PHB monk, use this version (also found here in case you're curious where it came from).
  • Any Base Attack Bonus prerequisites for feats are halved, round down. So, Weapon Finesse now has no prereq (BAB +1/2 rounds down to +0), and Improved Critical now has a prereq of +4.
  • Ignore any law/chaos prerequisites for classes. Yes, you can have lawful barbarians now.
  • Any class that must be Good is now dropped to "non-evil" and any class that is Evil is now "non-good". Classes that were previously non-good or non-evil (such as the Hexblade) no longer have this requirement. This means that Assassins can be non-good instead of always Evil.
  • When "rolling" for HP at levels beyond first, instead of rolling the die, you get a static amount, which is half the max + 1 (d4 = 3, d6 = 4, d8 = 5, d10 = 6, d12 = 7). Add your Con mod after, as normal. This is to keep someone from getting penalized by a few bad rolls.
  • Ignore favored class rules and multi-classing XP penalties.
  • Half elves get +1 skill per level (like humans).
  • Remove -2 Cha penalty from half orcs, orcs, goblins and tieflings. Remove -2 Con from kobolds.
  • Everyone gets the three feats for free: Combat Expertise, Power Attack, and Weapon Finesse. You do not need to meet the prerequisites for these feats. They're being added as they all tend to be a "feat tax" of sorts that low level characters are forced to pay, and I'd rather you get to taking feats that are more fun.

Play by Post (PbP) notes

For anyone who hasn't played a PbP game, it's handy because it's in a forum where we already post. It's handy in that we don't have to carve out time where we all have to meet at the same time. It's a pain because they tend to move slowly. There are a few things I'd like to do to help speed things up (I've played in/ran some on a D&D forum elsewhere):
  • I'm not requiring you check every day, or whatever, but the more often you can check the thread, the quicker things move.
  • Any roll of yours that I could make on your behalf, I will, just to speed things up. For example: if Player X posts that they want to open a door and it happens to be trapped, I'll just look up their character sheet and make the Reflex save for them and post the results. This saves two otherwise unnecessary posts (me waiting for their Reflex save, and then my response to their roll). Me rolling these things can literally save days of waiting. That being said, you still get to do all of your own rolls for actions you take.
  • When in doubt, post a roll. Worse comes to worst, I don't need it. So, when posting your attack roll, post your damage too. If you miss, no biggie. If you're announcing you want to Search or Appraise something, just include the skill check right in the post.
  • It's handy if everyone picks a color (and font, if you want) for when your PC talks in-character. It makes it easy for everyone to realize what's being said. Any questions or out-of-character comments can be prefaced with an OOC: tag.
  • Post your character sheet somewhere I can get to it and where you can edit it as you level. I'm not sure how long you can edit posts here, so it will likely have to be hosted elsewhere and linked here. Mythweavers is pretty good for this. This lets me look up your stats as I need, to keep things moving.
  • I'm not super fussy how you handle your rolls. If you want to link to some online roller, use some RNG program online, or roll actual dice and post it here, it's fine. I'm going to trust you not to cheat. Wink
  • I'm not going to try to run a detailed grid for combats. I know it's sort of a big deal for 3E D&D, but I'm generally sick of messing around with doing these things online. I'll do the best I can to communicate where everything is and what you can and cannot reach based on speed or range. Let me know if you feel it's an issue.

The group is currently in the capital city of the region, on a port. This makes it quite easy to introduce new characters. Anyway, I'm looking for one player who'd like to join. It'd be starting at 5th level. Let me know if you're interested in this thread. I can answer any questions you might have.

The current group is:
  • Human Paladin 2/Fighter 2/Barbarian 1
  • Human Dread Necromancer 5
  • Half Elf Bard 5
RE: Rob's PbP recruitment thread
Can I play Red Mage?

You see, one thing is: I can live with doubt and uncertainty and not knowing.
I think it's much more interesting to live not knoing than to have answers which might be wrong.
Richard Feynman

Well the sorrow the suffering the glory the pain
The killing the dying was all done in vain
For young Willy Mc Bride it all happened again
And again,and again,and again,and again

Eric Bogle Green Fields of France
RE: Rob's PbP recruitment thread
(December 1, 2018 at 11:07 am)Wololo Wrote: Can I play Red Mage?

Did you mean you're not serious about playing a red mage, or you're not serious about joining the game?

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