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The jarjar binks of a movie
The jarjar binks of a movie
well OLB gave me an idea. 

Jarjar is to starwars as  wesly crusher is to ST: TNG

I would also posit that pavlov chekov is to Start Trek is a binks

What are some of your favorite shows and do they all have a binks?
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RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
If OLB had seen TNG, he would not have made such an erroneous connection.

Otherwise, I cannot think of there being anyone anything like JarJar except himself.
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RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
Jar Jar Abrams for the sequel trilogy.
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RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
The latest Dr who is the Binks of Dr who.

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RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
I think Nelix is a worse character than Wesley but even that guy I like.
RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
Daniel Larusso
RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
Jar Jar was George Lucas's soul, and that's why when he had to remove Jar Jar the rest of the prequels were monotonous and lifeless.
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RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
Short Round.
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RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
Neelix from ST Voyager
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RE: The jarjar binks of a movie
(November 3, 2020 at 8:00 pm)SUNGULA Wrote: Neelix from ST Voyager

You know who was worse than Neelix? Tuvix

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