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Hijabi Transformations | Tiktok Compilation: the video
RE: Hijab for non-Muslims...a challenge on "Tik Tok" on the streets of Frankfurt
(January 16, 2022 at 12:53 pm)WinterHold Wrote: The covering of spots in the female body that trigger "sexual arousal" in men are effective in preventing "males from harass females"; at least to some extent.

You were NOT talking about harassment. You were talking about rape.
A man can rape a man.
A man can rape a woman.
A man can rape a young girl or boy.

Wearing ugly cloths reduces the sexual arousal triggers, so I agree with you.
In Japan, there are a few products. One of them is an underwear for woman and it makes it look like she has a penis.
This would work on heterosexual males and would work fine in muslim society as well.

There is another product that looks like a nylon stockings but there are long hairs under them, so it looks like the lady has “man legs”.

It looks like Mohamed’s focus was on heterosexual males interacting with adult women and he forgot about the young girls and boys.

Rape is different from sexual arousal. If you want to reduce rape, cloths is not going to do it.
People who rape have mental problems. They probably have so much problems that they can’t get a date. In this case, such a person might stalk women in order to attack them.
They can enter your house, put a gun to your head and tie you up and do whatever they want to you.

Quote:Of course it's a 100% on the attacker; but also when a female is "half naked" and producing sexual sounds in front of me; she is "inviting the male" for sexual activity, so it should be considered also.

Similar to a cat making "mating sounds".

I’m going to say this as advice. Don’t ever say anything like that. It makes you sound like one of those scum bag rapists.
I’m sure that you are a nice guy and you don’t want to rape anybody but consider what you write from the POV of a woman reading what you write.
Ever follow court cases? There have been a bunch of cases where the guy tries to shift the blame on the lady.

It’s like you getting caught stealing something from someone’s house and your defense is, “Well, he left his door open”.

The blame is 100% on the attacker. It doesn’t get reduced if the lady is pretty, if the lady is drunk, if the lady has been drugged.
It doesn’t excuse your behavior.

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