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The hearings and a matter of law.
The hearings and a matter of law.
This doesn't just apply to the 6th hearings. But unfortunately I am seeing well intended sane people not really give out complete information on how a "Under oath" testimony is used by a committee. They are absolutely correct in saying Congress does not have the power to drag you off with force in the moment if you lie. But it is still punishable perjury and  a federal code to lie to congress under oath. Some are leaving that out and simply saying congress does not have the power of a court. That is true. But just like lying to police or the FBI if they find out you did, Congress can pass that information on to the DOJ and AG, and they can issue more subpoenas from a judge, or get a judge to sign an arrest warrant. 

The far right conspiracy media has unfortunately given people the impression that lying to the public in a position of public trust such as having a job as a lawyer as long as you are not lying in front of a court, is ok. Well, it depends, it is true that a lawyer can paint any picture they want to defend a client, even in defense in a jury trial, but that still can be a huge risk if it is found out that even the lawyer was participating in perjury to issues of discovery or submission of documentary testimony and it is proven that information was manufactured. They can be censured by the court, fined by the court, all the way up to loss of their license even if they don't do jail time. 

Rudy is a perfect example. He and other lawyers were putting on a show filing cases knowing when they actually got in front of a judge they admitted they really didn't have anything. That is a fine line between making an honest error and deliberately wasting the court's time which can be an ethics charge leading to loss of license at a minimum if it is proven a repeated behavior. 

Point is, liberals and sane people in general really should not leave out the important details when trying to tell the truth. The GOP and Fucks News already have many convinced that it is even ok to ignore a congressional subpoena. You do not have to testify against yourself to congress, but you still have to show up, swear in, then you can plea the fifth, and that is not considered perjury, but you still have to show up and answer questions, even if the only answer you want to give is the fifth.

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