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Best games of this year.
Best games of this year.
Just wondering other peoples opinions of the best game of the year so far. (looking for inspiration.)

Mine would have to be NFS: shift 2.
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RE: Best games of this year.
Please give me a home where cloud buffalo roam
Where the dear and the strangers can play
Where sometimes is heard a discouraging word
But the skies are not stormy all day
RE: Best games of this year.
I'd say MK9 if it wasn't for Shao Kahn.
RE: Best games of this year.
My personal favorite this year has got to be LBP2.

You don't understand the epic that it has to offer until you toy around with what it has to offer.
This was made with the mod tools given. It's incredible work with what he had to work with.

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RE: Best games of this year.
Alice: Madness returns was very badass imho.

But truthfully, I haven't seen any releases that really stand out.

But the "Parasite" alpha looks promising. Cheese
Best regards,
Leo van Miert
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RE: Best games of this year.
I'd just like to say right now, that seen as i'm a clairvoyant and all, I'm predicting Skyrim to be the 'game of the year'. Just so you all know. I'm right 100% of the time BTW Wink

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