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Staff Log - Bannings, Reports, and Other Actions
pincoddef has been banned for being a spambot.
Moved the "You know you're from Louisiana when..." thread from Off-topic to the Humor section.
Banned HizzelWash for being a spambot.
[Image: afbanner.jpg]
Banned purplespyro98 for also being non existent...
[Image: afbanner.jpg]
Banned ijcvqifatr for being a spambot.
I've fired my internal editor.

Banned KittyLovee and katelynn27 for spamming and being a spambot respectively.
[Image: afbanner.jpg]
Banned rytgazawvi for spambotting...
[Image: afbanner.jpg]
Banned romuelmccune for shamelessly advertising their locksmith business!!
[Image: afbanner.jpg]
I just have to say that you ban spammers before I even see them! Great work, Dar.
[Image: SignatureII_zps712e31c8.png]
Courtesy of Cinjin. Worship
Banned Liquidwayy for spambottery.
[Image: afbanner.jpg]

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