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Science Laughs: Science Comedian Brian Malow
Science Laughs: Science Comedian Brian Malow
Just for laughs
'The difference between a Miracle and a Fact is exactly the difference between a mermaid and seal. It could not be expressed better.'
-- Samuel "Mark Twain" Clemens

"I think that in the discussion of natural problems we ought to begin not with the scriptures, but with experiments, demonstrations, and observations".

- Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)

"In short, Meyer has shown that his first disastrous book was not a fluke: he is capable of going into any field in which he has no training or research experience and botching it just as badly as he did molecular biology. As I've written before, if you are a complete amateur and don't understand a subject, don't demonstrate the Dunning-Kruger effect by writing a book about it and proving your ignorance to everyone else! "

- Dr. Donald Prothero
RE: Science Laughs: Science Comedian Brian Malow
Another one of his presentations:
Best regards,
Leo van Miert
Horsepower is how hard you hit the wall --Torque is how far you take the wall with you
RE: Science Laughs: Science Comedian Brian Malow
Side-splitting funny!

Thanks for sharing. Smile
I used to tell a lot of religious jokes. Not any more, I'm a registered sects offender.
...the least christian thing a person can do is to become a christian. ~Chuck
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RE: Science Laughs: Science Comedian Brian Malow
RE: Science Laughs: Science Comedian Brian Malow
This man speaks to me. "Because I said so," <- why I stopped trusting adults.
"Faith is about taking a comforting, childlike view of a disturbing and complicated world." ~ Edward Current

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