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Current time: October 1, 2023, 4:03 am

Are you a procrastinator?
Nope, I get it done ASAP
Something completely different
1 3.70%
Errr, a bit
Cinjin, Darkstar, Polaris, Waratah, Whateverist
5 18.52%
Yup, I leave it until the last minute
Darth, FallentoReason, festive1, frankiej, jots, libalchris, Nine, Violet, Waratah
9 33.33%
I don't get it done till after it's due
Violet, Waratah, zebo-the-fat
3 11.11%
I'm procrastinating by answering this poll
Darth, FallentoReason, KichigaiNeko, libalchris, Puddleglum, Reforged, Violet, Whatkins, znk666
9 33.33%
Total: 27 vote(s) 100%