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My Deconversion
My Deconversion
My deconversion was gonna happen sooner or later in life when I look back on it.
I grew up a fairly religious household(not so much now) and I grew up as an adopted child. My mother always became an icon for me growing up until I realized she was actually very stupid and also lacked character. I was forced to go to church everyday as my stepmother was black which of course mean't that religion was important to the family.
I began questioning Christianity for a very long time as a child the minute I came across very questionable verses and on top of this I was actually well versed in mythology a lot. I noticed the Hades parallel for example when I was around 7 years old. By the time I was 10 I began to see my stepmother as an extremely tasteless and horrible person who always relied on religion to justify her actions while I relied on religion to justify mine inside. The issue was that I began noticing that it never fitted.
I could not reconcile the Bible with logic and had just gotten used to ignoring it and forgetting about it. I claimed to be a Christian but dislike talk about god and religion altogether.
Eventually I dropped Christianity when I was 15 as it began to be a reason for depression and after a good understanding of science and philosophy I began looking for other religions like Islam, Hinduism and even neo-Paganism but they all ended very quickly.

After that shitfest I just became an atheist but I retained a strong interest in religion and philosophy which has helped shape my thinking of the world.
I was also able to come to terms with the fact I was asexual and biromantic.

That is prettymuch it. I do not like going into details about my life obviously.

Ut supra, ita inferius
[Image: 0c112e9da4d42c24a073c335a3e38de1_zpsezmp...g~original]
Uƚ ƨuqɿɒ, iƚɒ inʇɘɿiuƨ

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