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RE: DayZ
(August 31, 2012 at 9:30 am)Rhythm Wrote: Looks like a game that would really be ruined by a coordinated team of hostile buddies emulating r/w fire team drills ingame. Are the recoil and firing mechanics arcade style ala CS or do they at least make an attempt at realism?
(I've got a bunch of minecraft buds that are trying to get me to play- considering it- but I'm not sure my PC can handle it.)
You're bloody right there. There are teams of bandits on the larger servers who use mics and skype to communicate. They camp in forests and tree covered hills in ghillie suits with 50. cal snipers just waiting for fresh victims.
There have also been reports of a lone psycho wielding a hatchet who camps in cramped houses and waits for unarmed players. He then takes them by suprise and breaks their legs. When they try to plead with him he just remains silent and still. He lets them crawl out the door, then he finishes them off.
Some real sick fucks on this game.

Its definitely not next gen graphics but the gameplay is extremely realistic. Things like physics and trajectories are taken into account. DayZ enhances the realism by forcing you to eat, drink and find shelter from the cold. Your bones can break, you can bleed out and you can be knocked unconscious. Intense pain and cold causes your hands to shake making it harder to aim. Ammo is scarce and gunshots attract infected or worse; players.
The only reason Arma 2 is so popular right now is because of DayZ. Servers for the unmodded version are really hard to find.

More details here; http://dayzmod.com/?About.

But this a mere prelude to the standalone release titled "The War Z".
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