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Rise of Nations
Rise of Nations
Anyone played Rise of Nations? I like it.
RE: Rise of Nations
(November 4, 2012 at 5:58 am)DoubtVsFaith Wrote: Anyone played Rise of Nations? I like it.

Yeah, it's a good game. Get Thrones & Patriots if you don't already have it.

Rise of Legends is a decent RTS too.
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RE: Rise of Nations
I enjoyed it until I tried crafting my own maps. I tried setting up a "quality vs. quantity" kind of thing in a map I was creating, wherein you play as one nation beset on all sides by six different nations. You have somewhat better resources than any one nation but not nearly as much as any two nations put together. You are the only power that can advance to the Information Age, the rest stop at the Industrial Age, and the battle becomes Technology vs. Numbers, Quality vs. Quantity. I tried changing a bunch of values to reflect this, in fact. Cuz, see, a Man-o-War via the Enlightenment Age overpowering a steel-built Cruiser from the Industrial Age? BULLSHIT. So I tried to change a bunch of values to reflect this. I also increased the cost of the higher-level units to continue the "quality vs. quantity" idea where quality costs much more.

I get into the game, and then I hit the Modern Age and suddenly I can no longer create HALF of the fucking units. I cannot build armored cars/APCs, I can't build Cruisers, I can't build Aircraft Carriers, I can't build Rocket Infantry, I can't build AA trucks. Meanwihle my enemies can do all of that at their points. Meaning what small advantages I might have via quality evaporate because I lose any form of flexibility. And meanwhile their Cataphracts are still somehow able to superdamage my Armored Cars from the Industrial Age just because Cataphracts are considered Heavy Cavalry and Armored Cars are Light Cavalry? The fuck kind of poor design is THIS?!

You can have a unit of Phalanx superdamage a Main Battle Tank solely because the Phalanx are classified Heavy Infantry [strong against Heavy Cavalry, which is what MBTs for some reason are considered]. The game was really cheaply coded. It was fun at first sight. It lost its appeal quickly to anyone who craves some semblance of reality in such a game, though.
RE: Rise of Nations
I still play RON to this day. I love putting three tougher cpus against my little nation.

I don't really go online because it seems that everyone wants to do lame infinite games.
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