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What the Creation Museum did to me
What the Creation Museum did to me
Hello, freethinkers

I am an atheist/agnostic and a teen. The reason I became this way was due to the fact that my church youth group went to the creation museum in Kentucky in March of 2012. While there, I discovered many contradictions between what was confirmed there and what I thought was true or not. (I was unsure about evolution). There, they taught that EVERYTHING in the Bible was true.

Before I became non-religious, I believed that the bible was true. I was homophobic. I was in favor of intelligent design. I believed that Jesus saved. But I was unsure about evolution. I mean, if the bible is god's word, everything he says is true, and doesn't mention evolution, why is it accepted by so many religious people?! It's only a theory right?

...so I thought...

In Kentucky we stayed overnight at a church. I was up all night on my iPod Touch looking up YouTube videos about creation, science, evolution, etc...

By the way, questioning evolution wasn't my only concern at that point. I was also intrigued at the fact that such brilliant atheists could be so influential to me and discard God. At the time I admired Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson(I'm a TG fan), and Isaac Asimov.

Back to watching videos on YT...
...I was very intrigued at how brilliant atheists such as Fry, Hitchens, and Dawkins delivered their opinions on science and religion in those videos. Anti religious information was agreeing with me - What if Christianity is a lie? Have I been following bullshit for 15 years?

...and here I am today - a 16 year old agnostic/atheist.

(The reason I'm an AGNOSTIC atheist is because I don't fully understand how we could've gotten here by chance. Of course the universe is big enough for that to happen, but then again, I'm only a 16 year old - not Christopher Hitchens.

Btw, I'm not having quite an easy time living in my household. All my family members are fundamental Christians, homophobic, doubt evolution, creationists, and are in favor of that tool, Romney.
RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
Welcome and good for you for researching both sides of an issue.

I think you'll find that most atheists also describe themselves as agnostics. Atheism is not, contrary to what you may have been told, "there is no god" but rather "I see no reason to believe in any god or gods". Agnosticism is about what you admit you don't know. Atheism is about what you don't believe.

EDIT: Oops. Sorry everyone. I posted this under my Poe account. It was a long night last night.
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RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
I'm a lot like Dawkins: I don't believe in God, but I do take in account that science is never 100% accurate. I'm still puzzled on the chance of the universe being the way it is, though.

In addition to this post. I was sent to a Christian boys boarding school for two months in june. That strengthened my irreligion even more.
RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
There may have been just a little bit more than chance involved..lol.

Welcome aboard amigo.
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RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
Its a long term learning experience. As you go you learn more and more about how it all came together and things make more sense.

Welcome Hitch96 Big Grin
RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
The universe is a huge place where rare things happen all the time (much like super massive black holes).
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RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
By the way, I don't think that the big bang simply came about by chance. I reckon that it came about through causal or probabilistic laws.
RE: What the Creation Museum did to me
hahahahahahahahahaha, I didn't realize some of the Poe accounts still existed.
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