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Mass Effect 3's ending
Mass Effect 3's ending
So me and Napo were bitching about how fucking TERRIBLE ME3's endings are and I figured I might as well just spawn a thread about about. It carries over from "your game of the year 2012 pick"so if you wanna catch up, it's there.

To continue from where I left off; I began writing my own ending to the storyline that utterly replaces everything that happens after the part where the Allies begin charging the Conduit to the Citadel. The Normandy doesn't just swoop in in plain fucking view of Harbinger; Steve manages to repair the shuttle enough to rendezvous beforehand, and the Normandy acts as a decoy, firing upon Harbinger to draw its fire and into a chase, during which time they launch the shuttle, carrying the rest of Shepard's squad to the Conduit. The squad get aboard the Citadel, encounter the Illusive Man. what happens still happens there.

I'll continue more later but. Tired.
RE: Mass Effect 3's ending
I cba to go into detail right now Creed, but essentially my view is, if they didn't introduce that bullshit with the 'star child' and just let you find some way of kicking the reapers' ass without everything else going to shit, I'd have been happy.

A little more info on what happened to each character after the final battle would have also been much appreciated. I'd have been pleased enough if they simply gave you some writing at the end of the game to let you know what happened, I don't even need cutscenes (they did that in DA:origins and it at the very least made me feel like they'd wrapped shit up).

This guy sums up my initial thoughts on the ending. Bare in mind this is pre 'extended cut', but I don't even see how much of what he says is changed by the fact they released that arbitrary DLC.

Enjoy, it really is a beautiful arse thumping...


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