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Seth MacFarlane Oscars Controversy
RE: Seth MacFarlane Oscars Controversy
You want controversy on an award show?


Sorry, but Macfarlane is to Gervais what a butter knife is to a chainsaw Tongue
RE: Seth MacFarlane Oscars Controversy
Good point :p
RE: Seth MacFarlane Oscars Controversy
Awesome. Loved it and Seth tells it like we see it lol. Someone's always gonna be butt hurt so fuck it. Right on Seth.
RE: Seth MacFarlane Oscars Controversy
Some people seem to be upset that a few of the boob references were in rape scenes. However, I fail to see how pointing out that boobs were shown is equivalent to saying "rape is OK" or "rape is not an important issue". The song was not about rape; it was about boobs. The fact that some boobs were shown in rape scenes is utterly irrelevant to the point of the song.
RE: Seth MacFarlane Oscars Controversy
So far Lewis Black is the only american comedian I actualy enjoy.

I somehow dont like the rest.

Some John Steward and Bill Maher is alright here and then though.

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