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Way to go go Lech! Why not also shove your nobel peace prize up your ass!?
Way to go go Lech! Why not also shove your nobel peace prize up your ass!?
Lech Walesa is a person whom I actualy really admire!
Most Americans probably never heared of him because they live under the stupid american centered delusion that Ronald the senile Reagan ended the cold war.

Lech Walesa is a electritical engeneer from the Polish port city of Gdanzk, or at least he was. In the early 1980s under the communist polish regime which supposedly was a regime of laborers, unions or farmers, Lech Walesa formed and became head of the famous labor union "Solidarity" which would oppose the communist regime and in the end bring it down. He was also the first post cold war president of the new Polish republic and received the nobel peace prize.

He is also deeply catholic. And for a long time he was one of the few religious people whom I really admire for what they have achieved. And it is also impossible to not congratulate the catholic church on helping to bring down the polish communist regime.

But recent events have shown how "religion poisons everything".

After the recent polish elections, for the first time in it`s history, homosexual representatives will be seated in the polish parlament. Yet Walesa has publicly announced that homosexual representatives should be seated "in the last row" or (in his opinion) even better "behind a wall".
so "his children and grandchildren wouldnt be confused by seeing that minority".

RE: Why to go go Lech! Why not also shove your nobel peace prize up your ass!?
Just an FYI, but Walesa and Solidarity got a lot of media coverage in the US in the 80's. A lot of people over here know who he is and what he did.

It does suck though that he is a homophobe.
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RE: Way to go go Lech! Why not also shove your nobel peace prize up your ass!?
I thought he was dead?

Guess not.

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