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Pet hates and annoyances.
Pet hates and annoyances.
What is it that really gets on your nerves.

In most things I am pretty even tempered and can tolerate all sorts of things, but one of my pet hates is when people mispronounce certain words or letters.

I can tolerate it when people say skedule instead of shedule (schedule) or put the emphasis on the wrong syllable of certain words such as harassment.

But the one thing that really gets on my tits is when people, especially teachers at my children's schools who should know better cannot properly pronounce a simple letter like H.

Now, I understand that pronunciation changes over the years (That's pronunciation and not pronounciation) but this is not a case of that.

The letter H (aitch) is a soft and gentle letter and certainly every dictionary that I have ever looked at spells it this way. On the other hand, the letter H (haitch) is a bastardisation of this letter brought over by the catholic Irish wishing to show that they were not Protestant.

Also, it sounds so unintelligent and ugly and it makes my skin crawl when I hear people say N haitch S or haitch D TV. Why do people do this? After all, you wouldn't say F (fef), L (lel), N (nen), S (ses) so why say haitch?

Look haitch up in a decent dictionary and it will be conspicuous by its absence.

That's my rant.
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RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
I don't like teenagers speeding on Motorbikes.

But even more...OAPs in cars!!! omg they are so slow...it takes about 7 hours before you can cross.

But what I REALLY hate is the DVD and the book of: The Secret. I can't believe I used to actually have faith in that BS because it claimed to be scientific and I used to think "What if it does work? I don't want to miss out!" Aparrently Quantum Physics supports it; but it's just preachy pseudo-science BS. If it was true science it wouldn't tell you to have FAITH in it!
RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
Dude, what did the H ever do to you? /tease

But anyway, there isn't enough time in the day for me to explain my pet peeves. I hate people in general. People are my pet peeve.
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
Hell is other people.

I freak out when inanimate objects thwart me. i'm sure they do it on purpose.

A computer running slow makes me want to stick a screwdriver in my heart.

People who eff around at tills. Like the check in at an airport. What's so difficult? I have my passport, my 1 suitcase and my ticket. Thank-you mam', boarding card & I'm outta there, but the people in front of me are there for ages while the check-in goes tap tap tap on the keyboard. What are they DOING? Why is it taking so long?
I swear, never get behind me in a queue because it is guaranteed that my queue will have all the old folk with their vouchers and coupons and money-off tickets and will take a coon's age packing their stuff and them rummage in their bag, AFTER it's all been rung up for their cheque book. A cheque book for god's sake. It's the 21st century and you need your effing plume and inkwell to write out your cheque. Don't forget your gaiters and corset and your horse and cart outside.

Don't get me started.

Too late.

Why do people say stuff like "pacifically" instead of "specifically"? I have a friend who puts in the phrase "to be fair" all over the place when fairness isn't even remotely relevant. "Well I put skimmed milk in your tea, to be fair" To be fair to who?

Who are these people that have a crap in the toilet and don't flush? What, they're proud of what they've done? Want everyone else to see? And why do the gents toilets always smell so rank? If a man is incapable of pissing in a toilet without spraying it all over the seat and the floor then use the urinal ffs.

Personalised number plates? they can fuck off and all. Mercedes Benz and BMW drivers have their own rules of the road, They just make it up as the go along.

Fat, female and showing your midriff? Don't. Just stop it. Stop it. It's horrible. And if your fat and ugly what makes you think that getting your nose pierced is going to make you more attractive? Leave it out and go jogging instead. But of course a nose piercing is less painful than 5 miles round the park. And if you have your tongue pierced ffs stop fiddling with it, it makes you look like a gurning moron. And learn to chew with your mouth shut.


That feels better
'How can you say, "We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD," when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely? Jer 8:8
A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five. Groucho Marx
RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
.........What's a till?
"The way to see by faith is to shut the eye of reason." Benjamin Franklin

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RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
(September 29, 2008 at 5:38 pm)Eilonnwy Wrote: .........What's a till?
Like a cash register.

Stupid people piss me off. Also, old people and bratty children.

People who feel they are entitled to something they aren't piss me off.
RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
Regional accents in German.

I don't find them cute, I find them disgusting.
RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
People who have no understanding of the difference between Universe, Cosmos, Galaxy, Solar System etc.

The number of times I've seen sci-fi films where the hero has to 'Save The Universe' is amazing.

Don't they have any idea how large the Universe actually is? I could understand it if the hero had to save a planet from domination or destruction or even perhaps an entire star system or two, but an entire Universe full of stars? All 10²¹ of them? That's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars spanning an observable distance of 28 billion light years across? Please!
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RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
Well, you do realise that most films about "Saving the World!" are about threats to the continental U.S., right? Same issue.

The well-being of North America is not relevant to the well-being of the world at large. Not to mention that neither is mankind.
RE: Pet hates and annoyances.
(September 30, 2008 at 5:36 am)Alan Wrote: Regional accents in German.

I don't find them cute, I find them disgusting.
Oh c'mon not always, look at Kraftwerk.... they're electronic music really works with their german voices and vocoders.

PS: IMO Kraftwerk rock!

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