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FYI: The best TV miniseries of all time
FYI: The best TV miniseries of all time
I just started watching it again today for about the tenth time having given it some eight months so I did not remember it all.

"Jekyll" by the BBC.

It is only six one hour eps. I use best in the sense of everything that goes into a miniseries and TV not just whether or not I like the genre.

The episodes are not just built upon the previous. They are backwards and forwards compatible. A line in the first ep will be completed in the last ep and vice versa. It is the most internally complete and consistent miniseries I have ever seen. The order of the episodes almost does not matter in telling the story.

The acting superb. Nesbitt's portrayal won him the top award in Britain that year. It has the fewest lame scenes I have ever seen, two of them, tops three none critical. The production values are perfectly matched to the story.

If you have a chance to see it, give it a chance. If you don't like the genre still give it a chance as a perfectly constructed short series.

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