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While at Atheist Forums
While at Atheist Forums
These are some of the things I've created since I've been a member of Atheist Forums.

Warning, imbeciles tend to find many of these images offensive. If you believe that a dead jew came back to life to save you from a place his father made, or perhaps you're fond of some other ridiculous fairy tale, you may want to skip this thread.

If you are one of the enlightened on this planet, you may find some of these humorous and fun.
Nobody gets upset when you mock Santa Clause. I see no reason why anyone should get upset when you make fun of other fictional characters.

[Image: StupidChristianity.jpg]

[Image: GodFail.jpg]

[Image: jesusgun.jpg]

[Image: bloodofchrist.jpg]

[Image: Gangster.jpg]

[Image: MyChildrenWontbeAtheist.jpg]

[Image: godslove.jpg]

[Image: blackjesus.jpg]

[Image: GasPrayer.jpg]

[Image: hellbound.jpg]
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: While at Atheist Forums
[Image: church.jpg]

[Image: facepalmjesus.jpg]

[Image: GodTebow.jpg]

[Image: M60Jesus.jpg] never did think up a slogan for this one.

[Image: True-Christian.png]

[Image: GodsAsshole.jpg]

[Image: stupidchristiansheep.jpg]

[Image: popelegs.jpg]

[Image: ThePriests.jpg]

[Image: godstarving.jpg]
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: While at Atheist Forums
[Image: PotKettle.jpg]

[Image: ChristardsSuck.jpg]

[Image: JesusAccord.jpg]

[Image: WantedJC.jpg]

[Image: Zombieapostles.jpg]

[Image: JCcrossfacepalm.jpg]

[Image: ChurchInsurance.jpg]

[Image: BigDiffxtian.jpg]

[Image: Bibleturd.jpg]

[Image: DevilJesusbet.jpg]
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: While at Atheist Forums
[Image: SuicideJesus2.jpg]

[Image: TrollAway.jpg]

[Image: Tinman.jpg]

[Image: HitlerGod.jpg]

[Image: Godslove_zps1478e4d4.jpg]

[Image: Truth_zps7100233d.jpg]

[Image: Flowerpower_zps320df4a9.jpg]

[Image: Elisha_Asshole_zps4516e8ca.jpg]

[Image: GodsGravestone_zpsb0535810.jpg]

[Image: StupidNoah_zps3a23f3f6.jpg]
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: While at Atheist Forums
[Image: fucktardsig_zps825f0e56.jpg]

[Image: Stupid_Andrea_zpscd16dff7.jpg]

[Image: JesusTime_zpsef632828.jpg]

[Image: thejerk_zps0544b5a7.jpg]

[Image: lazyjesus_zps88e5f71d.jpg]

[Image: PassiveAggressionChrist_zps7248c3df.jpg]

[Image: AbortionGod_zps326774fb.jpg]
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: While at Atheist Forums
Thank you all you beautiful heathen bastards!

You are the light in a dark world of filthy immoral religions masquerading as the truth and the life.
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: While at Atheist Forums
Do you happen to manage an atheist Facebook page?
“The man who can't visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.”
~ André Breton
RE: While at Atheist Forums
Cinjin has the skills on the artistic side GJ man.
RE: While at Atheist Forums
(July 22, 2013 at 5:27 am)Maelstrom Wrote: Do you happen to manage an atheist Facebook page?

Nope, but I have created many anti-christian memes over the years that have been borrowed. (and of course I have borrowed many of my own.)
[Image: Evolution.png]

RE: While at Atheist Forums
I thought the same thing, sounds like something I see on FB on sexy atheists or the militant atheist.

Loved them all! kick ass!
Pointing around: "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm out!"
Half Baked

"Let the atheists come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom of heathens belongs to people like these." -Saint Bacon

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