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Oaths In Quran
Oaths In Quran
A question for Muslims.

Within the Turkish Translation of the Religious Foundation found total 200 verse passing on word "I swear."

Why Allah so much to required swearing?
RE: Oaths In Quran
Crappy writing uses repetition as a cheap way to make an event seem important. Crappy writing also tends to have a lot of unintentional word repetition. The over-use of swearing could be either one, or both. But both have something in common.

Crappy writing.
What falls away is always, and is near.

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RE: Oaths In Quran
So you say. One man's garbage another man's treasure.
RE: Oaths In Quran
(October 16, 2013 at 9:15 am)MysticKnight Wrote: So you say. One man's garbage another man's treasure.

It is more likely that the texts were written by a number of different people that it is that ONE person wrote the same word over and over again.
RE: Oaths In Quran
And it sure as hell wasn't friggin' allah.

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