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Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
Hi and welcome

I am from morocco, but I am much luckier, here islam might part of the constituion, but stilll you don't risk much from telling people about your beliefs. I heard a lot of Saudi Arabi and how they kill gays and non-muslims, so you better off keep your secret. It's a sad natio, having enough ressources to be one the most powerful countries of the world, but just wasting it in useless things, all because of intrinsic close-mindedness if the kuran...
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
Probably not, but I hate to say that. It's pretty sad that we live in a world where some of us have to hide our personal beliefs, but I'll try to be extra out and in the open to help make up for the ones forced to hide in the closet.

Good luck!
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents

I would say the same thing as others here. Keep it to yourself. When you are older and financially independent and out of that country is when you can be yourself, until then just go through the motions
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RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
Like the old expression says : NOPE
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RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
(July 12, 2014 at 7:22 pm)Losty Wrote: Welcome Smile
Living in Saudi Arabia and 15. I would say definitely not. Not just wait until you're 18, but wait until you're out on your own too. I'm not sure about laws in Saudi Arabia. How safe is it for a person to come out as an atheist?
Anyways, until you do "come out" you have us to talk to and be yourself with.
It's nice to meet you, glad you joined. Have some cookies Big Grin

How safe is it?
If someone knows your an atheist and tells the government you'are DONE.
they first start to see if you are mentally unstable,if you are good you passed to next level. Torture with a whip 60 times not much to them cause if a child doesnt pray and his over 10 the parent will happily whip you 5-10 times until till you pray again aaaaaah Islam the religion of
peace. if you passed and still to them your an atheist then just simply death or if you are reeeeeeallly lucky prison for life.
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
Well I think you just answered your own question.
(August 21, 2017 at 11:31 pm)KevinM1 Wrote: "I'm not a troll"
Religious Views: He gay


Hammy Wrote:and we also have a sheep on our bed underneath as well
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
Nope, Nope, nopey Nope!

Keep your yap sealed kiddo. Read the Mubarak bala story. If you cannot find it then google Godlessmom and go to her page. She has the full story there. Mubarak is an older man who came out as an atheist and was then drugged and forced into a psycho Ward for a month or so. It was hell trying to get him free. Plus, he was a MAN and had plenty of education...I do believe he is an engineer. I cannot remember right now lol.

Anyways, just no. Wait until you're capable of supporting yourself.
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RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
If you do not hold the position of god existing it is apt to call yourself an agnostic atheist. Having said that none of us can tell you how handle your family, only you know them well enough. I will say this, being only 15 you might want to wait until you are out on your own and can get a job. But whatever you decide to do, know that you are not alone. Lots of x Muslims and x Christians and others worldwide who contend with leaving a belief and a religion. You will at least always have those on social media who are going through the same things.

I'd say get out of Saudi Arabia before you come out as an atheist. They recently outlawed atheism and condemned it.
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
I have to echo what everyone else has said.

I mean, I'd never advise anyone that is financially dependent upon fundamentalists to come out as an atheist, and seeing as how you're in Saudi Arabia, it's just flat-out dangerous. I know it sucks, but as a teenager, sometimes you have do things you don't want to because of your parents' wishes. Just go through the motions until you're an adult, and then you can decide what to do.
RE: Should i "come out of my closet" to my parents
I read the whole OP just now .

You're in saudi arabia and you're thinking of telling ur parents ? HOLY SHIT !!!

Don't you even think about it, even if you're financially independent in saudi arabia , don't even tell your cat .
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