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Futuristic cities?
Futuristic cities?
Would living in a badass futuristic city like the machine city in the matrix revolutions appeal to you?
If you were AI would you like to live in those cool buildings shown at the end of revolutions or would you stick to zion?

I for one think it'd be awesome to live in machine city. I'd take living in those buildings versus rave dancing in a cave any day. (The one reason matrix reloaded sucked was because they showed zion) I don't yet think the city'd look too good if the sun shone down on it. Part of the appeal is the dark blue shade that it and the rest of the world is in.
RE: Futuristic cities?
The city in The Matrix (sets and stuff) was derived from Dark City. Dark City has a range of different times and cities incorporated into it.

For those who haven't seen Dark City, I would highly recommend it, but note there is some graphic violence.

The aliens are really creepy too . . .

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